We believe that knowing Jesus Christ and serving His cause together is the greatest adventure in life. It is a journey packed full of incredible surprises, formidable challenges, and ultimate triumphs. As we walk out this journey we are led through both the depths of self-discovery and the heights of finding real significance and security in a restored relationship with God. In the process we are also brought into relationship with a spiritual family of fellow Christians (called “the Church”) where we find a home for our spiritual growth and service.

Vineyard Voyage is a series of 8 classes that give understanding to this journey. Beginning with a basic introduction to the Christian faith and the life of our church family all the way through to having an understanding of Christian maturity and what you were created for!

See the Vineyard Life or our Calendar for dates of each class or contact the church office for more information.

You can sign up for upcoming Vineyard Voyage classes online on our Events Sign-Up page.