Mexico Loft House Build and Delivery

A few times a year our parking lot is turned into a construction zone where dozens of people spend their day constructing the large portions of a loft home which will be taken the following week down to a family living in extreme conditions, and a team will put the finishing touches on the home for the family, all at no cost to them.

The Loft House build takes place on October 5th and the trip to deliver the homes will be October 11-13.

For more information contact, Harold Bloemendaal at 661.202.8329


ONGOING OUTREACH: Loving Our Valley All Year Long


Sack Lunches –Sack lunches is about providing a sack lunch and other basic resources to anyone who finds him or herself homeless in the deserts, under overpasses, in drainage ditches and anywhere else on the streets. We meet on the second and last Sundays of the month after second service to make the sack linches then distribute them..



Monday Night Manna – The second and last Monday nights of the month we serve a multi-course hot meal to anyone who finds them self in a time of need. Our hope is that our guests will find friendship, encouragement and spiritual direction in a safe and friendly environment. Monday Night Manna is not only food for the body, but food for the soul. Monday’s 6PM in the church foyer.

For more information on Monday Night Manna, Share-a-Meal or Sack Lunches, contact Michelle Desmond at mdesmond@desertvineyard.org