“Anything Chocolate, Parent’s Time Out” is a free class with a little chocolate dessert that focuses on an individual topic (for example: Homework, Sleeping Babies, Technology and Teens) and occurs every three or four weeks throughout the year on Saturday evenings simultaneously with our 6:00pm service. Your children can enjoy Children’s Ministry while you are attending “Anything Chocolate.”

The “Desert Vineyard Parenting Class” is an 18-week series that covers principles of parenting for children of all ages. The new block schedule offers the first nine weeks beginning in the fall and the second nine in the new year, participants can join the class at the beginning of each block. Topics include Learning to Parent from an Eternal Perspective, Building Relationship, Creating an Inviting Family Identity, Character Development, Moral Development, Discipline, Encouragement and more. There is a $25 fee to cover a notebook and other materials. Reading the lesson and practical exercises are a part of the homework each week.

The “Lancaster Community Shelter Parenting Class” at the Lancaster Shelter is a free class offered Tuesday mornings at 10:00am. These classes cover the same material as the 12-week class, but they are ongoing throughout the year and can be started at anytime. There is no cost.  For those required to take a parenting class by DCFS, please check with your Social Worker to be certain that the class will be acceptable to the court.  You may suggest your Social Worker call the class instructor, Chris Wangsgard, 661-917-4040.

For more information, contact Chris Wangsgard. Or by phone, 661-917-4040.