Our Kid’s Ministry program is called Discoveryland. What is Discoveryland?
It is where the most adventurous life changing Truths and eternal values are enthusiastically taught to and discovered by younger kids making them so excited they want to give it away.  A most inspired place for any kid who is Gathered, Growing or Giving at the Desert Vineyard.

For the Nursery – 5th grade Kids
Younger kids are mentored in their spiritual journey. We grow their faith through child targeted expressions and with age-level appropriate learning.  The BIBLE is our source of Truth and inspiration.  We memorize Bible verses and play games that engage them to help the message sink in.

It’s like VBS every week!  In Discoveryland the lessons are creative and heartfelt through visual, kinesthetic and auditory learning styles keeping the kids coming back for more!

Plus, how do they take their faith home and how do they walk it out?  Parents/Guardians and their kids are given tips and encouragement with take home tools to continue to grow their faith not only at church but outside the church walls and at home and at school and at the soccer field..etc.

For the 6th – 12th grade Kids
Kids 6th – 12 get to volunteer here, too, AND discover that God values them AND that they have skills and talents that encourage the younger kids.  It’s exciting to see them serving so young and to catch the joy in being outward focused!

For the 18- 92 year old Kid Leaders 
Our Kids’ Leaders discover greater spiritual health growing in their ‘calling’ as they are a part of creating and helping experience lifetime memories.  Challenged to draw nearer to God as we are aware the kids are watching us, it’s a joy that we get to mentor and disciple.

The rewards we get because we sewed our time and energy to kids’ ministry far out weight what we are giving.  It is an unexpected fulfillment.

We hear that our Nursery – 5th graders kids can’t wait to get here to be with us!  You bet it makes us work harder at making it “the best hour in every kids week to discover the Good News of Jesus the Truth and the importance of giving it away.” And we make that our weekly mission.

Discoveryland programs are available at each of our weekend services, along with nursery care for children under two.

For more information, or to find out how to serve in Kid’s Ministry, contact Saundra Galloway at sgalloway@desertvineyard.org