The Desert Vineyard has honor of being involved in many overseas missions throughout our history. We currently support church plants in Tanzania, Asia, Nicaragua and Siberia as well as individual missionaries serving abroad.

We support a growing ministry in Mexico, building loft houses for families in need. These trips provide a short-term option for people wanting to be the hands and feet of Christ to people outside of our country. Opportunities to serve with our Mexico ministry come up a couple times a year and more information can be found at

The Desert Vineyard is proud to be an official partner with and supporter of I-61, a ministry that has begun out of the Boise Vineyard in Boise Idaho, and is now part of Vineyard USA Compassion & Justice Ministries. I-61 seeks to provide training and support to those wishing to experience and pursue a life in international ministry. To learn more about I-61 visit their website at, or contact Troy Nibbelink at

We also partner with the organization Blood for Missions which gives attendees of the Desert Vineyard an opportunity every few months to donate blood on our campus, with part of the proceeds going to a missions organization of our choosing. This is an excellent way to provide blood for our local community hospitals as well as help support financially those who are seeking to spread the gospel around the world.

The Desert Vineyard also proudly supports the efforts of World Vision, as a former host of their World Vision AIDS Experience Exhibit and encourager of their Child Sponsorship programs, we are thankful for the opportunity to serve with them and other organizations like them who are trying to bring change to regions that desperately need it.

New opportunities to be involved with world missions occur throughout the year, and any recruitment or support needs can be found in the Vineyard Life which is handed out at the start of each weekend service.